Zhang Xueliang, "Ang"

The dreaded pirate queen known as the Scourge of Oryo.


A bloodthirsty and ruthless pirate in command of a small fleet of vessels. Ang is known for her prowess on the battlefield and in the bedchamber. She is missing her right eye, but that only makes her look more fearsome.

After their latest encounter, Janos suspects she might be a Revenant.


Originally a prostitute in Tou Aima, Ang escaped her pimp and joined the crew of Janos Rabinowitz. Under his tutelage (and “tutelage”), she became adept at both commanding and slaying men, quickly gaining a loyal following among the crew and the coveted position of First Mate.

Years went by, and the differences between Janos and Ang became more apparent. Janos was, in his own way, an honorable man, while Ang had only bad things to say about the word. One day, when Ang requested a longboat in order to raid a refugee ship, Janos refused her. Months of tension spilled over into a swordfight, ending with Janos losing an ear and Ang losing an eye. Distraught and more than a little crazy, Ang jumped ship and swam to shore.

Zhang Xueliang, "Ang"

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